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Spice it up!

A color palette is much like a recipe: There is usually a primary taste experience (hot, sweet, salty, etc.), but the success of the dish depends on the BALANCE of the other flavors in the dish. 

"Would that sweetness be best tempered with a pinch of salt?" or  "Does that dressing need a squeeze of lemon to perk it up?"

Colors work the same way -- whatever dominant color you choose, it is the accent colors that will achieve balance in the design.






Over the years, my affinity for color and form has manifested itself through art, confectionery design, and logo/presentation design.  With a growing interest in interiors, certifications in Real Estate Staging and Redesign enabled me to offer clients expertise on leveraging a home’s assets or transforming a space using what they already have.  When I decided to focus on the color aspect of design, I began studies through the International Association of Color Consultants (IACC/NA) and attended the final class in October 2012.

A keen interest in understanding what makes people tick complements my fascination with color.  Formal schooling in Psychology (B.A.) and Education (M.Ed.) comes in handy when I'm guiding clients through the process of making design decisions.  My goal is always to get to know the client's style and color preferences, so that the final result resonates with the vision he or she had in mind. Along the way, I answer questions about furniture choices, layout, art or whatever will help finish the space -- think of me as a design facilitator! 

In the end, all aspects of design are interesting to me, but color is magical, and I welcome every opportunity to help someone solve design problems with color. 

Don't go it alone -- give me a call at 919-225-7797 or send me an email!




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