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Color Trends: yes or no?

Color trends serve a useful purpose -- they introduce a fresh face to products that we buy.

They also serve another useful purpose: to broaden our appreciation for colors and combinations we may have never experienced before.  It often happens that people think they don't like a color until they see it in a new context.

In a color consultation, however, color trends only matter if they matter to my client.  Our personal color preferences change over time along with life experiences. Discovering a client's personal trend is part of what makes my job fascinating!







"The involvement of a trained eye like Ellen's is essential in taking the guesswork out of the color selection process, which involves more than I ever imagined.  Without Ellen, I would have selected colors that looked right in the can but were not right for us.  Now I am confident (and excited) that we have the best colors for our space and our family and we will be happy and comfortable in our new home!"

- Louise B., Raleigh NC     

I had the opportunity to work with Ellen on a project and was sincerely impressed with her skills. Her eye for color is amazing.  Ellen is one of the most creative persons I have ever met. She does a great jot listening to her clients and tailors her recommendations to meet her clients needs, helping them to see the final picture, which will for sure be better than anything they could have envisioned on their own.  Ellen does a great job communicating her vision and continuously provides updates all along the way of a project.  The combination of Ellen's creativity, attention to detail, hard work, and wonderful personality is truly hard to find and makes working with Ellen a true joy."

Verena B., Richmond, VA  


"If you're looking for someone who takes the time to help you find the right color for your space based on your style or personality, Ellen makes this process simple!  She had great ideas for color, room arrangement and flooring that I would never have come up with.  It took a lot less time than I had expected.  I would definitely recommend Ellen to jumpstart your space design!"

- Jill H., Apex, NC    




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